Malvern Hill Consulting

Malvern Hill Consulting is a medical specialist centre with an emphasis on excellence in clinical care and respect for patients.

Our practitioners are of high calibre and standing in their respective fields of expertise.

Consultations and some minor procedures are performed at the consulting rooms.  Surgery and other more invasive procedures are arranged at hospitals appropriate to the particular requirements of the clinical situation as necessary.

We are proud that our support staff are professional and courteous.  

We are the main rooms of:

Mr Stephen Tudge (ENT)

Mr Michael Tykocinski (ENT)

Dr Joanne Sahhar (Rheumatology)


Also visiting these rooms:

Dr Fiona Nicholson (Gastroenterology)

Mr Philip Jumeau (ENT)

Dr Caroline Dowling (Urology)

Mr Nicholas Campbell (Urology)

Mr Peter Altidis (Audiology)

We are located at 1039 Malvern Road, Toorak.

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