Mr Peter Altidis

hEARing diagnostics & auditory Rehabilitation

Peter Altidis

For all appointments and enquiries please call More Than Hearing    Tel:  9890 2005

Peter Altidis and Ban Altidis lead a team of clinical audiologists, hearing/speech therapists and psychologists in a multidisciplinary management of hearing loss and related disorders. Peter is the past president of Australian Association of Audiologists in Private Practice promoting quality, integrity, and independence - not owned or part of a hearing aid company.

We are a professional partnership of university qualified audiologists with postgraduate training and extensive experience in diagnostics and rehabilitation therapy. All Audiologist’s are accredited by government providers, holding clinical certificates and fellowships with the profession’s associations, (Audiological Society of Australia, Australian College of Audiology).

We proud ourselves in our service delivery. Based on an independent national survey (EARtrak) over 97.5% of our patients are very satisfied with our services.  We don't just fit hearing aids, we rehabilitate hearing.

Services provided include:

  • Diagnostic hearing assessments
  • Educational tests/Auditory Processing evaluations
  • Industrial and compensations hearing services
  • Musician hearing care
  • Tinnitus management

We Specialise in:

Hearing Diagnostics for those with:

  • Poor hearing aid benefit
  • Mental health problems
  • Signs of cognitive decline (memory loss, etc)
  • Hearing problems in noise
  • Learning, Language, Attention, or behavioural difficulties

Cosmetic (invisible) Hearing Aids by prescription:

You can’t see them even if you want to
You can sleep, shower and live with. No need for battery change

Accredited providers with Medicare, Office of Hearing Services, DVA, and workcover.

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