Mr Stephen Tudge


Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon

Stephen Tudge

Mr Stephen Tudge is an ENT, Head and Neck surgeon trained in the diagnosis and treatment, including surgery, of conditions of the ear, nose and throat in adults and children. He has particular expertise in the management of head and neck tumours, paediatric ENT and sinusitis.

Services offered

Paediatric conditions such as recurrent otitis media, tonsillitis and sleep disordered breathing are treated in children of all ages.

Nasal problems, including blockage of the nose and recurrent sinusitis are assessed and treated.

Throat and neck conditions, including parotid, thyroid and neck tumours, voice problems, swallowing problems are investigated and treated.

Ear conditions such as ear canal and middle ear infections, hearing loss, exostoses, tympanic membrane perforation are assessed and managed.

Flexible laryngoscopy: This is an office procedure to examine the throat beyond what can be seen through the mouth. It is often performed at the same time as your consultation. A spray of local anaesthetic and decongestant spray is applied to the nostril and a 3mm diameter endoscope is then passed via the nostril to obtain excellent views of the throat to the level of the vocal cords. It is not painful, but it is bit of a strange sensation. This may be done for both children and adults.

Microsuction of the ear: This is an office procedure to examine the ear canal and ear drum under a microscope to obtain a very detailed assessment of the structures. It is also very useful for clearing debris from the ear canal that may be impacted onto the ear drum with mimimal discomfort.

Where he operates

Mr Tudge operates regularly privately at;
The Avenue Hospital (Windsor),
St Vincent’s Private Hospital-East Melbourne and
Waverley Private Hospital (Mount Waverley).

He is a member of the ENT unit at The Alfred Hospital and does a regular operating session there, which is ideal for especially complex procedures.

Other sites for consultation:

Malvern Hill Consulting (Main consulting rooms)
1039 Malvern Road,
Toorak VIC 3142
Tel 9188 3690, Fax 9824 6991

The Alfred Hospital,
ENT 1 outpatient clinic


  • University of Melbourne, graduated 1992
  • Master of Surgery (University of Melbourne) 1998
  • Fellow of Royal Australian College of Surgeons – Otolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery, 2003
  • Head and neck surgical oncology fellowship, Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear hospital, London, UK, 2003-2004


Mr Stephen Tudge is an ENT, Head and Neck surgeon with over 10 years clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the ear, nose, throat and neck in adults and children. He went to medical school at Melbourne University and worked as a junior medical doctor at the Austin and Alfred Hospitals. He performed a year of full time research at the Melbourne Neurosciences laboratories into laser treament of malignant brain tumours to gain a Master of Surgery degree. He then completed post graduate training in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery in Melbourne, working at the Royal Childrens Hospital, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital, St Vincents Hospital and The Alfred hospital. Following this he traveled to London, UK to further his experience and training in head and neck surgery and rhinology. During a one year fellowship he worked closely with Prof David Howard and Prof Valerie Lund, both world experts in this field.

Since returning to Australia he has worked privately in Melbourne and publically at the Alfred Hospital. He regularly attends national and international scientific meetings in ENT Head and neck surgery to both present his work and learn of new developments in the field. He is a supervisor of surgical training for trainee surgeons in ENT at the Alfred, teaches medical students regularly and is an active member of the Alfred Hospital Head and Neck Oncology Multi-disciplinary team. He has also visited Katherine, Northern Territory to participate in the government intervention program to improve aboriginal ear health. Mr Tudge is married and has one son. He is also an active member of the 10th Malvern scout group, and has been both a cub and scout leader.

Emergency contact

Mr Tudge can be contacted on his paging service (9387 1000) to discuss any urgent post operative problems or to discuss urgent ENT problems with another medical practitioner.

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